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Take Control of Toxic Screens: Autism and Digital Overload

Do you worry about how screens might be affecting your child with autism? Is the glare of the digital world too much for them to handle? We understand your concerns. That's why we have designed a unique presentation that delves into the complex relationship between autism and screen toxicity.

Our exclusive presentation, "Autism and the Effects of Toxic Screens," is all set to enlighten you about the unique challenges and implications of digital overload for children with autism. Presented by experts in the field, this interactive session will shed light on the neurological effects of excessive screen time and provide practical strategies to manage and reduce it.

What's more? We are providing a set of valuable printables, including checklists, screen time logs, and activity planners. These tools will help you track screen usage, plan engaging offline activities, and ensure a balanced digital diet for your child.

But that's not all. We are also offering a rare opportunity to join our live 5-week Screen Detox program. This comprehensive program, led by our occupational therapist, will help parents of children with autism navigate the challenging digital landscape.

Through the program, you will learn:

  • Personalized strategies to reduce screen time

  • Techniques to promote healthier digital habits

  • Methods to foster engaging offline activities

  • Ways to encourage a balanced relationship with technology

Join us and other like-minded parents who also seek to protect their children from the potentially harmful effects of screens. Don't let your child's screen time spiral out of control. Stand up against the digital overload and ensure a healthier environment for your child.

Take the first step towards a healthier digital lifestyle for your child with autism today.

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