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Our Journey Program

This program is a set of several courses that are designed to help you meet the needs of the special person in your life. Through this training you will learn skills to make your home life easier, building a team (doctors, therapists, teachers, advocates, etc), setting goals, etc. to help you have an amazing journey through growth and recovery

Professional Training

Health care providers have the ability to create an autism-friendly setting and improve the health of this growing population. Professional training is the single most important step in making a commitment to high quality care for people with developmental delays and disabilities. 

Educator Training

The course is designed to look at ways to minimize over stimulating students in the classroom. By understanding what has been researched to work will inside of a school setting, we are able to help teachers address classroom behavior, environment, teaching approaches, etc. 

Training for schools is based on length of training and number of attendees. Contact us today for a quote. 

Volunteer Program

One of the most rewarding experiences for those of you with a heart for autism is the opportunity to be part of someone's journey. Our volunteer training will help you as a team member learn about the program and overcome obstacles that you may encounter as a volunteer. 

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