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Summer Camp applications Coming Soon




2023 Summer Camp is not scheduled yet. Please come back for more information at a later date

Please note that there are some new age and other restrictions to certain sessions to allow for more inclusive experiences for our campers. 

Applications will not be accepted before 8 am on 4/10/2023. Thank you for your understanding as we want to give everyone the same opportunity to apply. 


Two Sessions available each week. AM 9 am-12 pm or PM 1 pm-4 pm. Camp will once again by sponsored by Broken Arrow Parks and be held at the Central Community Center on Main Street in Broken Arrow. 


We all dream of the chance to go to camp in the summer. For kids with social delays going to a typical summer camp of any type can be over-stimulating. We provide a half-day camp program during the summer where you can pick and choose the weeks that fit your child. Each week will be themed based on the motivation for that week. We will have planned activities for your child, if they want to participate. They can pick what they want to participate in based on how they are feeling during that time. 


Each child will be linked with a volunteer for the day/week and will get one-on-one interaction and help each day. 


If you would like more information or would like to sign up for camp please submit our volunteer application

Campers are on a first come, first serve basis based on payment. 

Campers must be between the ages of 3-17. A parent or legal guardian must be present to fill out all paperwork prior to acceptance. 


Sign Up for Camp today by completing a Registration Form- and return to us with your tuition to reserve your space!

(Scholarship Application-deposit must be paid to hold spot). 


We are not your typical summer camp. We understand that to meet the needs of our campers we have to offer a variety of activities, motivators, and special assistance to make camp a great experience. Each day will begin by going over the schedule of events and discussing what is planned for the day. For our more rigid campers, this will allow them understand "what comes next?". Throughout the day our volunteers will have access to a quiet room so that campers who are not feeling up to the activity at that time can choose to be somewhere quieter and calming. Our volunteers will pair up with a child each day to help them with activities, snacks, playtime, etc. so that they have someone to meet their needs throughout the day. 

Each week will be full of activities and playtime for your child to enjoy. We understand that every child with social delays responds to different motivators. With that in mind, we will have a variety of activities and toys available to allow our campers to feel comforted and enjoy every activity they want to participate in. For more information and to answer any questions please contact us. We look forward to spending the summer with your child. 

Disclaimer: If your child has a history of violent behaviors, tantrums, running, etc. you will be required to have a caregiver attend as a volunteer. This is to mitigate the risk to our other campers, your child, our staff, and volunteers. We want to make this a successful camp for all attendees. Individuals who struggle with transitions, run, or have violent outburst may cause harm to themselves or others. We want to protect all of our attendees. Our camp is held at a public location and while we have our own areas in which to host camp, we are at risk for being close to doors for runners, on hard surfaces for injury, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

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