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"A Speech and Language Pathologist who has been trained in the clinical criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders and who is experienced in the diagnosis of developmental disorders, may be qualified to diagnose these disorders as an independent professional" (ASHA).


It is important that any individual who is diagnosing have training and education in the diagnosis, have probable cause (doctor and/or parent reports) and who works with individuals diagnosed with the disorder to properly give a statement of diagnosis. Here at The Griffin Promise we have two trained SLP Professionals who are experienced in Autism Disorders, as well as, trained to give the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule evaluation which can help in diagnosing Autism and ASD



We offer both insurance and cash pay sessions. Our lead speech pathologist will work on developing goals with your team for your child/client. We have a special playroom design that encourages engagement with our therapists. We video every session to allow for one one one training and review of sessions with caregivers monthly. 


We believe that it takes a team to help our clients on their journey. Because autism and other social disorders vary from person to person, research has shown that the amount of time a person can engage in one on one interaction through these methods the more improvements are shown. 


Our approach is for our clients to have a team of caregivers, therapists, teachers, volunteers, etc. that will be part of their journey. That is why our clinic not only offers therapy sessions but training for your team so that each client is given the best opportunity for growth. 


We accept the following insurance:


  • Health Choice

  • SoonerCare

  • United Healthcare 

  • BlueCross BlueShield

  • TriCare 


  • Cigna

  • Community Care


Contact your insurance to determine if there are costs associated with your visit.


In addition our clinic accepts CareCredit as a form of payment for therapy related services. For more information visit:


To schedule an appointment or for more information please Contact Us.


  1. Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule- Given by a trained specialist in autism and communication disorders, this test is the #1 rated evaluation for determining autism spectrum diagnoses. ​​Information regarding diagnosis process.can be found here

  2. Speech-Language Evaluation- completed by one of our licensed speech pathologists are are trained to work with developmental delays, autism, and other social disorders. This evaluation is your first step in starting therapy with our clinic.

  3. Feeding Evaluation- Have a picky eater? What about meltdowns at dinner time? Child won't touch food? This is more than just being picky, your child may have sensory issues, food aversion, or even stress caused by food phobias. Let us use play and relationship building as a way to make food less scary. 

  4. Behavioral Health Counseling Assessment- For our patients who are receiving other services, our licensed counselor is part of our team based approach to helping our clients and their families. If you are looking to add to your child's program, play therapy provided by our counselor is a great next step. 

  5. Occupational Therapy Evaluation: For our patients who are receiving other services, our occupational therapy is part of our team based approach to helping our clients and their families. If you are looking to add to your child's program, OT provided by our team is a great way to help meet the sensory needs of our special kids.

We also offer additional services such as coaching sessions, outreaches, and personalized training programs. Contact us for more details. 

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