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Updated: Sep 7, 2022


The journey isn't easy, but it is beautiful.

I never expected my life to take the path that it has. I went to school to work in aviation. I spend 11 years working in the airline industry and loved it. During that time, I found a passion for team building and training which lead to an advanced degree in organizational psychology. I also became a mom to one amazing, smart and funny son who happens to also have autism.

During our journey we have been blessed to have many people as part of Griffin's team. Many of those individuals have contributed to making our clinic a reality. Two of those amazing people are now considered family. Stephanie became Griffin's speech therapist when we was 2 years old and is now our Director of Therapy here at the GPAC. Torrie was a high school senior when she became part of Griffin's in home play therapy team. The 3 of us have spent thousands of hours working with individuals with autism and their caregivers. We have continued our education and training to always be learning more to help each of you.

I am so excited to share my life with these two amazing ladies. Each of us have a strong passion and dedication to making a difference in the lives of individuals with autism and their loved ones. We want to not only help create a loving and safe world for them but for our community as a whole.

We know that by continuing to be a resource for you we are making the journey more beautiful each step of the way.

Recently, I had the honor to be part of Stephanie and Torrie's podcast. We got to discuss anxiety in individuals with autism. As someone who struggles with anxiety myself, I have learned the importance in recognizing the same issues in my son. I hope you will take the time to listen to my story in helping Griffin in this latest episode.


Check out EVERYTHING AUTISM Podcast hosted by our clinic's very own Torrie Moreton and Stephanie Barton. or on apple podcast


Me and Griffin outside and masks removed only for photo.

Who would have guessed I would have to note that in my blog? Well 2020, and at least the beginning of 2021, has sure looked different than the majority of our journey. As we start a new year I like to set themes for myself, not goals or resolutions as I tend to not follow those as well lol.

This year I want to concentrate on GRATITUDE. It has long been my favorite trait in someone and also my biggest pet peeve when it's missing. I plan to reflect more on my days and seeing the simple things to be grateful for. I also want to look at each day as something to be treasured as well. It won't be 100% as I am human after all. But it never hurts to start somewhere.

Gratitude moment: This holiday season showed a newer side to Griffin's social skills. Multiple times over the past two month's he has told someone how thankful or grateful he was for something they had done. He told his brother how sorry he was that his car was crashed (even after being part of the accident and having some anxiety, he still took the time to let his brother know that he knew he no longer had that car). I often have thoughts around where Griffin is socially compared to his peers and what that may mean for his present and near future endeavors. Sometimes, I stress about it, just like most parents. And then Griffin goes and blows my mind by giving me more.



New Training

Journey On- the second level of training for caregivers to enhance their current play program with their child. Learn more in depth skills for playing at home, building social skills, setting boundaries, handling public outings, and so much more. Will have breakout sessions to discuss higher functioning individuals! Class will be offer via ZOOM and will be a multiple evening program. Interested in being part of the initial class, contact us today at . Attendees must have completed the Journey Program 9 hour course provided by our clinic, be utilizing a play program at home (or previously used and want to take the next steps).

Selective Mutism- a two hour course on understanding selective mutism and how to work with, educate, and care for those individuals. Class will be offered via zoom. Contact us for more information at

Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our website to keep updated with training course schedules, announcements, and registration info.


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