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Jack Mason-Goodall

I'm Jack, and I have been working with children and adults who have autism and related developmental differences since I was 16 - it truly is my passion and my privilege.


After graduating in psychology (BSc. Hons, University of Birmingham), I moved to the USA to receive specialised training in relationship-based play-therapy.  In my 12+ years as a consultant play therapist I have had the honour to work with hundreds of families in the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Italy, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA.  I have trained further as a yoga teacher and in counselling skills to bring extra ways to support families into my work.


​In 2020 I founded Autism Optimism International, providing new ways to reach even more families touched by autism throughout the world.


​I have worked with families in their homes, providing direct play therapy for their children as well as training and support for parents, training and supervision for voluntary and professional staff, helping children re-enter the school system, working with schools and teachers to best support re-integration, as well as providing ongoing phone and online support for the families I work with.


​My services are designed to give you practical tools to support your child's social development, as well as working closely with you to overcome the many emotional challenges that can be part of the autism journey. 


​My dream is to help YOU to help your child. To help you embrace your child as they are and to believe in their potential. To help you have faith in your abilities as a parent.  The autism journey may be hard, but it doesn’t have to be difficult.  I’m here to bring you optimism, guidance and solutions.

Keynote Speaker


Kaysie Steele, Parent Advocate

Kaysie Steele is married with four children and two grandchildren and works  as a private tutor. She holds a BA in Psychology and Sociology and is currently in the Parent Coaching Certification program at Anu Family Services/Center for the Challenging Child. She also leads a support group for moms with challenging children - mostly children with ADHD, autism, giftedness, anxiety and reactive attachment disorder. Two of her own children as well as one grandchild are on the autism spectrum.  Her passion is to help parents of neurodiverse children navigate their unique challenges through education, connection and resources available in their communities. 



Dedicated to helping families manage their future. Specializing in Special Needs Trusts, Guardianship, and other estate planning needs. 

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Dr. Robert Thompson, CCC-SLP

Dr. Robert Thompson earned his PH.D. in Communication Disorders and has since been a prominent fixture in Eastern Oklahoma helping pediatric clients and their families. He specializes in both autism and selective mutism, helping children and caregivers to understand the diagnoses. His methodology includes play based techniques that help build social skills and relationships.

TOP Sponsor


Elizabeth Vosseller
Executive Director at I-ASC

Elizabeth Vosseller is a native of Northern Virginia and is proud to call autism-friendly, Herndon, her hometown. Elizabeth has worked with individuals with complex communication and sensory-motor differences since 1995 in hospital, university and private practice settings. In 2013, she began using Assistive Technology to teach students the purposeful motor skills to Spell to Communicate (S2C). Teaching motor versus cognition to access communication, meaningful education and inclusion has been a game changer for nonspeaking individuals. “26 letters equals infinite possibilities!” Since witnessing countless nonspeaking, minimally and unreliably speaking individuals successfully communicate and learn through spelling and typing, Elizabeth and I-ASC are committed to ensuring ALL nonspeaking individuals have access to communication through training, education, advocacy and research. Elizabeth is honored to serve as the Executive Director for I-ASC.

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Sam Mitchell
Autism Rocks & Rolls

To take the stigma of autism and show people that he is not broken, therefore, embracing autism. His hard work and motivation led him to create a successful podcast and business, all WITH autism. With very little in a PayPal account and his love for his high school’s media club, Sam started his own podcast, Autism Rock and Rolls, which has led to coaching, writing, educating, and speaking appearances. 


Stephanie Barton, CCC-SLP
Director of Therapy


One of the founders of The Griffin Promise Autism Clinic, Stephanie is not only an amazing therapist and advocate, she is a ton of fun! Her knowledge of autism diagnostic criteria and treatment has made her a leader in helping these amazing individuals and their caregivers. Stephanie is also very passionate about assessing and teaching others in the treatment of Selective Mutism. This diagnosis is often misdiagnosed and often leads to non productive treatment approaches. Come hear Stephanie and Dr. Thompson address what is Selective Mutism and the importance of the right therapy. 

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Cass & Len Arcuri
Warrior Parent Coaching

Cass and Len Arcuri are the Co-Founders of Warrior Parent Coaching and the Co-Hosts of Autism Parenting Secrets podcast. At 18 months old, their son Ry was diagnosed with moderate/severe autism and life-threatening food allergies. In 2019, Cass and Len founded Warrior Parent Coaching because simply parents aren’t equipped for the journey to help their child. t’s the program Cass and Len wish they could have taken soon after their son was diagnosed. The transformation of the parent into their strongest, most capable,  confident self is the greatest intervention for their child. Cass and Len empower parents to become the parent your child needs now.

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Lori Frederick
Executive Director, The Griffin Promise

Best known as Griffin's mom and founder of The Griffin Promise charity. Lori comes with a wealth of knowledge for parents/professionals/educators and more. As a board certified cognitive and autism specialist, Lori will share her knowledge and tips for parents, educators, and other professionals and the hope we can have for the future. 

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