Therapy & Training

"A Speech and Language Pathologist who has been trained in the clinical criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders and who is experienced in the diagnosis of developmental disorders, may be qualified to diagnose these disorders as an independent professional" (ASHA). It is important that any individual who is diagnosing have training and education in the diagnosis, have probable cause (doctor and/or parent reports) and who often works with individuals diagnosed with the disorder to properly give a statement of diagnosis. Here at The Griffin Promise we have two trained SLP Professionals who are trained and experience in Autism Disorders as well as, trained to give the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule evaluation which can help in diagnosing Autism and ASD. 

Therapy Sessions

We offer both insurance and cash pay sessions. Our lead speech pathologist will work on developing goals with your team for your child/client. We have a special playroom design that encourages engagement with our therapists. We video every session to allow for one one one training and review of sessions with caregivers monthly. 

We believe that it takes a team to help our clients on their journey. Because autism and other social disorders vary from person to person, research has shown that the amount of time a person can engage in one on one interaction through these methods the more improvements are shown. 

Our approach is for our clients to have a team of caregivers, therapists, teachers, volunteers, etc. that will be part of their journey. That is why our clinic not only offers therapy sessions but training for your team so that each client is given the best opportunity for growth. 

We accept the following insurance:

  • Health Choice
  • SoonerCare
  • United Healthcare 
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • TriCare Standard
  • Cigna
  • Community Care
More insurance companies are added as we complete our contracts with them. Until such time, insurance billing is considered out of network. Contact us to determine if out of network copay or self pay is a better option for you!

In addition our clinic accepts CareCredit as a form of payment for therapy related services. For more information visit:

To schedule an appointment or for more information please Contact Us.

New Patient Forms

If possible Fax 9188933745 or email forms to [email protected] prior to appointment. If not possible please bring on day of appointment. 

All Patients 

Consent for Evaluation & Treatment

HIPPA Compliance Letter

Medical History Information

No Show Policy

Receipt of Privacy Practices

Feeding Evaluations also complete the following:

Feeding Assessment Appointment Letter

3-Day Diet History (complete at the best you can, or list foods they will eat)

Release of Information

Sensory History

Self Pay Pricing information:

1-hour $75

30 minute add on to insurance $37.50

We strongly believe that for children with social delays and disorders that the more therapy and one on one engagement they receive the better chance they have for becoming social adults. Insurance coverage pays at a rate equal to 30 minute coverage for a licensed therapist. We offer an additional 30 minutes with one of our trained play therapy staff at a discount to allow for more one on one with the child. 

Referral Information for Physicians


Required Documentation (Guideline document):

  • Signed Referral for Speech Evaluation & Treatment
  • Last clinic note including one of the following commented on:
    • nonverbal
    • pragmatic-communication disorder
    • receptive or expressive language delay
    • any other diagnosis

Training Opportunities

Because we know that it takes a successful team of people to help our client's grow and succeed in their program, we have developed several training courses to help you along your way. These programs are available to anyone who is interested and are not limited to those that are a relative or caregiver of a client. 

Each training is based on the experience and training of those associated with our program. The classes will allow you to go from having an overview of autism and social delays and determining the resources you will need to help your child or the children you work with.  

Our background is a combination of education, experience, and training. We use the principles of the SonRise© program from The Autism Treatment Center of America© in our sessions. We work with families who would like to attend additional training with the center by teaching a fundraising course and offering guidance through the process. We encourage any family that is interested in running a program for their child to attend the program in Massachusetts. 

In our clinic you will see that we believe the best way to help our clients and our trainees is through acceptance. We hope that you will take the time to come visit with us for more information. 

Our Journey: For Caregivers helping the special person in your life 

This program is a set of several courses that are designed to help you meet the needs of the special person in your life. Through this training you will learn skills to make your home life easier, building a team (doctors, therapists, teachers, advocates, etc), setting goals, etc. to help you have an amazing journey through growth and recovery. 

Volunteer Training

One of the most rewarding experiences for those of you with a heart for autism is the opportunity to be part of someone's journey. Our volunteer training will help you as a team member learn about the program and overcome obstacles that you may encounter as a volunteer. 

 Professionals Training

Health care providers have the ability to create an autism-friendly setting and improve the health of this growing population. Professional training is the single most important step in making a commitment to high quality care for people with developmental delays and disabilities. 

Into the Classroom: Integrating Practices for Teachers

The course is designed to look at ways to minimize over stimulating students in the classroom. By understanding what has been researched to work will inside of a school setting, we are able to help teachers address classroom behavior, environment, teaching approaches, etc. 

Training for schools is based on length of training and number of attendees. Contact us today for a quote.