Additional Services

ADOS (AUTISM DIAGNOSTIC OBSERVATION SCHEDULE) Testing:  Developmental testing to assess the criteria of symptoms that pertain to Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders. This test is used to help with proper diagnosing and service recommendations. Results can be sent to your physicians, schools, and other therapy locations as needed. The ADOS is a great tool to help physician's give a diagnosis that will aid in insurance coverage for therapy needs. 

To schedule contact our clinic at 918-893-3735

Feeding Evaluations and Therapy: Many children face sensory needs and issues during development. If your child is more than just "a picky eater" making feeding extremely difficult, then we are here to help. By determining what your child's needs are and the right approach to eating, we can work together with you to help them gain the skills needed to increase their diet and become a healthy eater. 

Feedback Sessions $50 for 1 hour of time

A feedback session can consist of:

  • You or one of your team members playing in our playroom with you child. We will watch and record a certain amount of time (30-40 mins) and then we will give you feedback on your session.
  • We will record one of our team members playing with your child and then schedule time where you can watch the video with us and discuss what we are doing in the playroom with your child.

Note: Occasionally we will pull video clips from our play sessions with your child to review with you at the end or beginning of a scheduled appointment. This will allow us to show you what things are working well with you child in the playroom. We may also use this time to ask for your advice with certain behaviors we are seeing. As part of your child’s team we want to keep up the communication with how everyone is during your child’s journey.

We require feedback sessions to be a scheduled appointment because it takes one of our staff member’s time away from other work to give you the attention you deserve while learning about your child’s program.

Coaching Session $40 for 30 min

A coaching session is a face to face or telephone meeting with one of our lead staff to discussion your child’s program and answer questions. We are happy to answer email questions or short questions that you may have. However if the need requires attention we will ask you to schedule a coaching session so that may give your program the time it deserves. Your child’s success is our top priority.

Outreach Session $90 for 1 hour in your home or school.

An outreach session is completed in your home. It can be a play session, coaching, feedback session, or to guide your team meeting.

Please Contact our Facility for more information on any of these programs.